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  • A meeting will create a chat that can be found in the chat section

  • The participants, files, chat and other tabs are available in the chat

  • The Meeting Notes tab is available for manual note taking

  • The recording and transcript will also be posted to the chat automatically

  • With Microsoft Premium license you can also see suggested tasks and summary points

SphereShield Virtual Assistant Added Value

  • AGI automatically creates meeting content including Notes, Summary, Agenda and Decisions

  • AGI automatically create notes & tasks which are synced to your preferred Task Management / CRM System – Planner, Asana, Monday, Trello, Zoho etc.

  • AI Sentiment Analysis – identify positive and negative interactions for extra attention or cloning positive behavior

  • Post meeting items for discussion in MS Teams Group Chat

  • Tasks are also suggested from MS Teams chats.


Sentiment Analysis

Microsoft Native features: