How to Install the Virtual Assistant Admin App (Account-Level OAuth)

Note: The Virtual Assistant Dashboard App will display only meeting data and insights for meetings that were recorded, the user has joined and where AGI was added. The user will not be able to view meetings and insights that he was not part of.

Installing the Admin App

Find the Virtual Assistant Admin App in the Zoom marketplace and add it to your company account

After installing the Virtual Assistant Admin App, you should see the following form:

To complete the setup fill in the form and wait for an email from AGAT support, letting you know the system is ready.

Note - this might take up to 2 business days.

Once the system is ready, your users can install the Virtual Assistant Dashboard App to view meeting insights; See here -

Removing the App

  1. Under the Zoom apps tab :

Click Manage, then you will redirect to the Zoom marketplace :

Click remove, and the app is uninstalled.

The implications of removing the app

When the user removes the app, All the user data saved in the database is deleted.