How to Install the Virtual Assistant Dashboard App for Webex

Contact AGAT Software

  1. Contact AGAT at

  2. Once you setup is done, you will get an email from with the product details.

Optional - Add the Virtual Assistant Dashboard App

If you want to use the Virtual Assistant Dashbooard App in Webex, follow these steps:

  • Go to Webex Control Hub with your Global admin account

  • Go to the Apps menu and add a shortcut

Add the following information:

  1. Display name: Assistant Dashboard

  2. URL: <ASSISTANT APP DOMAIN>/MyMeetings/Azure?hostedAt=Webex

  3. Icon - Can be found at AGAT Software OneDrive:
    \Marketinggroup - Documents\Graphics\Virtual Assistant\agi_webex_app.png


  • Wait until the shortcut will display in your Webex app