About AGI - The AI Virtual Assistant

Empower online meetings using an AI engine for generating insights such as Summary, Decisions, and Tasks that can be synced into task management systems like Asana, monday.com, and Planner.
In addition, the AGI performs AI Sentiment Analysis detecting positive and negative conversations.

What does AGI do?


Unleash your company data with AI-driven insights powered by AGI BusinessGPT Assistant.

Empower Data-driven decisions

Generate comprehensive insights from multiple communication channels.

Secure on-prem​

Handle data using an on-premises / Private cloud deployment.

Save time with immediate answers

Get real-time contextual answers based on your data.

Control data permissions

Generate answers for every user only based on data he has access to.

Unveil the holistic view

Analyzing data from multiple data sources.

Perform tasks

Increase productivity by assigning tasks and activities to AGI

Improve support and sales

Self-service customer resources for customers to ask questions about your business.

Improve Employee Productivity

Get instant answers and generate insights to improve making decisions and performing tasks.

Virtual Assistant

Boost meeting productivity with AGI - the AI Meeting Assistant

AGI is an AI Virtual Assistant designed to enhance productivity and improve collaboration. By analyzing meeting and chat insights, AGI can automatically detect highlights to create tasks, elaborate minutes, and analyze sentiments to help you stay focused.

Automatic task detection

Auto-detect task name, due date, and assignee from meeting transcript using AI engine.

Sentiments Analysis

AGI analyzes meetings and conversations to detect positive or negative expressions and help you stay focused.

Meeting Insights

AGI analyzes insights from meeting transcripts to detect highlights (Agenda, Notes, Decisions, and Summary), helping you save tons of time.

Meeting Minutes Exported as PDFs

Automates meeting management process creating meeting minutes and exporting them in single documents.

In-Meeting App

Auto-detect tasks during the meeting

You can ask AGI to specifically create a task, and it will create a task with a descriptive and detailed title, description, due date, and assignee.

Sync tasks with your task management system

Once the task has been created, you can sync it with your Asana, monday.com, and Planner.

Simply choose where you want it to be synced and approve the task.


AGI enables companies to transform online meetings and chat conversations into productive outcomes where no details are left behind. Tasks and notes are automatically detected and synced into your preferred task management system (Asana, Monday, Planner, etc.).

AGI allows you to focus on the meeting conversation instead of focusing on taking notes. 

AGI will help enhance meeting performance using AI to automatically generate a meeting summary. AGI detects insights like decisions and reminders and automatically schedules follow-up meetings. Moreover,  AGI can perform AI sentiment analysis of the meeting to identify positive and negative interactions.

Where can I use AGI?

AGI is accessible from the following options:

  1. The Dashboard App shows all of your conversations and their detected insights.

  2. The In-Meeting app is visible as a side panel during the meeting, allowing you to create tasks on-the-go.

  3. The Insights Page is visible in the from the Dashboard App.

  4. If you are using monday.com - you can have the dashboard available as a dashboard.

  5. AGI can join meetings and send notifications in the chat as well as send insights as messages directly to you.

How does AGI work?

AGI is using trigger words to detect action items, agenda, decisions, and notes, which are then sent to an AI engine like GPT, LangChain, etc., and then syncs those insights.


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Sentiments analysis



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To learn more on how to use AGI please refer to the following guide -