How to Install the In-Meeting Virtual Assistant App for Zoom

In-Meeting Virtual Assistant App for Zoom - Adding, Using, and Removing the App

Adding the App

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Look for In-Meeting Virtual Assistant App

  3. Click add, then give the app the necessary permissions it asks of you.

You should see this page :

Wait maximum 1 day to get your system ready.


  1. Start a meeting in Zoom.

  2. Launch In-Meeting Virtual Assistant App

You should see the following page:

You have two options:

  1. Create an account in for task management integration and sign in.

  2. Continue without a task management integration

If you choose option 2, take into account that for each real-time generated task by the app, you will see it on the right-side panel but you won’t be able to sync with the task management (currently supporting and create it there.

If you choose option 1 you should see this page:

Enter the user name used to create the account in

Then you will see this page:

For the account’s web address:

Open, log in to your user, at the URL of the page you should pick the account’s web address as in this example:
In this example it is agatsoftware-cast

You will then be requested to log in to, enter your credentials, and log in and authorize scopes.

After a successful log-in with or without task management, you should this screen where AGI is inserted into the meeting after a few seconds.

Please wait a few seconds until you see the sentence at the top “AGI is connecting to audio and can’t hear you yet”


  1. Record the meeting

  2. Action items will appear as soon as AGI discovers them. To get quicker action items use the word thank you at the end of your sentence , for example :

“AGI please create a task for Bob to go swim, thank you”


Next you will see


5. By clicking the red X - reject the task and it will turn to be grayed out .

6. By click the green V - approving the task and it will generate task according to the task management integration you configured ahead. (Monday for now) , choose a workspace , and board and group in monday as you can see in the image above.

After editing and setting all the task details , You can navigate to and see the task generated in real time as follows :


If you chose not to sync with task management you will see everything just accept the ability to accept the task.



Removing the App


  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace

  2. Click Manage → Added Apps, or search for the “In-Meeting Virtual Assistant App” app

  3. Click the app

  4. Click Remove


The implications of removing the app

When you remove the app, all your saved data is deleted from the database.