BusinessGPT - Short Tutorial

Welcome to BusinessGPT!
We are excited that you want to use BusinessGPT.
Here is a short tutorial to help you use the system.

The components of BusinessGPT

The main parts of the system are:

  1. Data sources and Content items- Your business content from different sources like documents, sites, email, and more. Each content unit is referred to as a content item. Examples of content items are files, emails, or a web page.

  2. Collections- A bundle of several content items related to the same topic. Using collection improves the quality of the chatbot and makes permission management easier. You can think of a collection as a folder. An example could be a collection of a specific project, including several emails, a wiki page, and some documents.

  3. Chatbot- A chatbot that allows you to ask questions on a specific content item, several content items, or a collection


How to start

  • You can start by Navigating to “Data Sources” from the menu on the left and adding content to the system. It is recommended to start with documents and sites.

  • Uploading files is possible from the document data source or the new Collection.

  • After uploading a new document, click the “ChatBot” button in the top ribbon. This will redirect you to the chatbot page; now, you can ask questions!

  • You can follow the same process for “Site” to upload a website.

  • To analyze emails, you can forward an email to “,” and it will be ingested and analyzed, then you can proceed to ask it questions!



How to add content


A Collection is a bundle of several content items related to the same topic. It helps improve the quality of the answers.

You have two options to begin creating a new collection and adding content. You can either start from the collection page or initiate the process from the relevant data source page. If you choose the latter, simply select the content items you want and add them to your collection by clicking the Add to Collection button.

You can add a file from the document page or a collection

You can add a site from the site page under datasources. You can set how many pages you want to add to the site.

You can simply forward an email to [System user] or connect all your emails to the system. To connect your emails, follow the steps to the emails page.

You can upload a meeting transcript or connect your relevant meeting platform from the meeting page. Click here To learn how to upload a transcript.
To connect your meeting platform, go to the meeting type page and follow the steps

SharePoint / Google Drive:
You can share your files and folder with [System user] or connect all of your documents. You can choose a specific site/folder/document from the Sharepoint page for SharePoint.


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