BusinessGPT AI Assitant for monday - Tutorial

BusinessGPT AI Assitant for monday offers a Chatbot for getting answers to questions about your monday content.
It can be expanded to add more data sources like documents, email, and meetings to get a wider context to your company data.

The BusinessGPT dashboard can be installed on a monday dashboard or a board.


How do you train BusinessGPT on your monday content?

To be able to ask questions about your content, you need to add the content to the BusinessGPT dashboard.
This can be done in two ways:

  1. Add the BusinessGPT app to a board

  2. Add the BusinessGPT to a Monday dashboard and choose which items to upload to the Monday data source page.

Go to data sources and select monday.

  • image-20240204-101036.png

Press the New Data button.


Using the chatbot for monday


What can I do on the chatbot page?

When BusinessGPT is installed on a board, you can ask questions about all the content of the items on the monday board it is installed in.

How to ask questions on a specific item on this board?

Click on the “item chat” to go to the board content list. Then, search and select your item and click on the chatbot button. 

How to ask questions on all of my monday data?

To allow asking questions on all of your monday content, you need to add all the modany content to the BusinessGPT content list. For this go to the monday data source page here

and click the "New content" button. Then you can choose a specific board, group, or item. You can also choose to sync all of your Monday content.

Once done, you can click the new chat button on the chat page and choose all company data.


How do you add more monday data to BusinessGPT AI Assistant?

You can add groups or items to ask specific questions about them only.

You can also sync all of your monday content and ask questions on all of your data.

To add monday content, open the side menu and click new content from the monday data source page

How do I add more content from my company to ask questions about?

The AI Assistant can get answers from other data sources such as emails, documents, and meetings. It can even get answers from all of your company data, including Monday and other sources.

To add more content, go to the data sources section in the side menu.

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