BusinessGPT: Customer Free Trial


Do not upload sensetive data to the demo enviroment

BusinessGPT allows users to consolidate and interact with all private and public company data in a centralized and secure platform. 

In this guide, we provide you with detailed instructions as to how to use BusinessGPT.


  • When you sign in for the first time you will arrive at an empty dashboard - no chats and no data sources.

  • Once you have signed in you will see 3 tabs in the menu on the left hand side:

    • Chatbot

    • Projects

    • Data Sources

Please keep reading for a detailed explanation of each tab.


What is a Project

A Project can be a collection of documents or a website that you upload. For example, the marketing team may choose to upload a range of documents such as PPT presentations, whitepapers, one pagers, data sheets etc.


How to create a new Project

To create a new Project, select the “+New” button.

You then can give your project a name and upload documents from your PC.

For example, the marketing team can create a project called BusinessGPT Marketing and upload marketing material to the project


When you initially upload the required documents or website into a project, BusinessGPT will show the status as “New”. Once you have uploaded the required documents into a project, BusinessGPT will start analysing the data. The status will change to “processing”


Once the data is analysed the Status will change to “Done”. You can now ask questions about this data.


You can click on the + icon next to each project to see what documents or links are included in the projects.

Once the data sources are uploaded to a project you are ready to start asking. To do this, select a project and then select the “chatbot” button.

Data Sources

Under the 'Data Sources' tab you will find a range of categories where you can upload from different types of data sources.

In the current demo version, you will be able to upload:

  • Documents

  • Site (links)

  • Email


Uploading Documents is similar to creating projects, You click the '+New' icon and upload a document. This is intended for the upload of single documents whereas a project can be a collection of documents.


The “Site” tab is where you can upload links. Click the '+New' icon and then enter the details for the web page that you are uploading. You can configure the maximum links in a website for BusinessGPT to analyse as well as the desired answer length.

Once a site has been uploaded you will also see it as a project in the Project tab.


For the demo site - In order to ask questions about an email, you can forward an email thread to

For the production dashboard you should forward emails to .

It will then appear in your list of emails and you can select it and ask questions concerning that email.
Note that you can configure an app that will ingest all of your emails int the dashboard without the need to forward them, This also allows you to set your own email account to forward specific emails to instead of AGAT emails. To enable this please contact


The Chatbot tab is where the magic happens. This is where you can ask BusinessGPT questions concerning the data that you upload to the system. The critical difference between the BusinessGPT chatbot and ChatGPT is that here you can ask questions concerning your own data. In the first release, you can query specific documents, emails or websites that you upload. In coming releases there will be expanded capabilities to query Google Drive, Sharepoint, Onedrive, Meetings, Chats and more.

BusinessGPT is private and secure. For the purposes of this demo, only people in your organisation (Microsoft Tenant/Google Org) will have access to the data that you upload and the questions that you ask. No-one else will be able to see your data or questions.

In production environments, even people within your organisation will not be able to see the data that you upload or the questions you ask. You will however have the ability to share questions and answers.

Share Chatbot and custom branding

There is also an option to Share the Chatbot for the specific collection of data.


You will have the option to add your own customer logo. This is achieved by entering the logo URL.