How to upload meeting transcript into the BusinessGPT dashboard


Ingesting meeting transcripts from UC platforms is possible in two ways:

  1. Sharing or granting access to BusinessGPT to your transcripts

  2. Manually download a transcript and then upload it to the BusinessGPT dashboard by clicking the new button.

How to share/ integrate meeting transcripts from Google/Teams/Zoom/Webex


Users can share the transcript by following this guide

Teams/Zoom/Webex direct integration

These platforms require support to configure an application. Please contact for further help.

Zoom smart recap

For Zoom specifically, the system can also ingest the smart email recap of the Zoom meeting summary with AI Companion by forwarding it to

Steps :
To learn how to use Zoom smart recap, go here:

Then, set a rule in your mail (for example, based on the title “Meeting Summary with AI Companion”) to auto-forward such emails to
The summary will then appear on BGT's Zoom meeting page.

How to download meeting transcripts from Google/Teams/Zoom/Webex


  • Go to and sign in

  • Go to the recordings page on the left menu bar

  • You will see a page like :

  • Click on the requested recordings which you need to download the transcript

  • Click on the download icon


  • Go to your drive at

  • Go to Meet Recordings folder

  • There you will find files of two types video and document (Which is transcript) like the following :

  • When hovering with the mouse on any of the transcript file you can download it when clicking on the download icon as you can see in the picture above.




  • Sign in to User Hub, select Calendar from the navigation panel, then click Completed.

  • Select your meeting.

  • The label, Transcript, appears in meetings that have a transcript.

    If you don't see the meeting in the list, the host hasn't shared the meeting content with you.

  • Then downlaod the .txt file


Microsoft Teams:

  • There are two ways to download the transcript :

  • 1) Inside the Teams desktop client app - after meeting has finished you can see in meeting chat the transcript file as follows :

  • Download as .vtt

  • 2) Go to , Sign in with your user

  • Click on the matrix of dots at the top left of the page and then choose OneDrive

  • Go to my files - Recordings

  • Choose a recording and click on it

  • Then at the right side of the screen you can see the transcript file , download it as .vtt